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Most parents eagerly anticipate the day when their child begins to crawl but soon learn that their child's newfound mobility can expose their child to a world of dangers. Children love to explore and a closed cabinet door will peak their natural curiosity. In most households cabinets contain cleanin..
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Model: A2Z
No more wasted toothpaste. Dispenses quickly with little effort. Keeps your bathroom clean and tidy. No need to handle irritating tubes. One-touch option,use conveniently; Works for every brand of toothpaste. Saves your money because it uses every last drop of toothpaste. Kids love to ..
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Model: A2Z
Quick Overview - Plastic Grid Tidy Drawer Divider Storage Organizer - Tidy Drawer Divider is made of plastic material and with yellow color - Plastic Drawer Divider includes 7 small parts - An alternative style of organizer for your drawers - This essential Grid Storage Organizer can be assembl..
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Traditional door stops can be a hassle to keep in one place and working effectively, not any longer! With Hanging Door Stops for IdeaWorks, holding doors in place and keeping Door Stops accessible has never been easier. Constructed of a non-slip material that hold doors open securely, the Hangi..
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Insta Hang Is A Patent Pending, Innovative Wall Peg Dispensing Tool That Helps You Hang Any Picture OR Object On The Wall Instantly. With Insta Hang You Can Hang Any Picture OR Object Whether Big OR Small And That Too In Just Seconds.To Get Insta Hang To Do The Job Simply Load The Peg Strip, Place F..
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Model: A2Z
Description Suitable for the height which is more than 7cm. Easily cut partitions in 7/16” strips, and set them anywhere-drawers of cabinet, desk, refrigerator. Drawer space is available partitions divided into a number of practical small space, can be any movement to adjust for the size of the p..
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Before use Do not attach to rough surface. Item not suited for metal or other heavy doors. After attaching do not use this product for 24 hours to allow glue to bond.How to Use 1 Clean carefully, make sure area is oil and water free prior to application 2 Remove protective tape and push fir..
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Model: A2Z
2pcs lips shaped toothpaste squeezer Made of ABS material with fashionable outlook Used to squeeze out the remaining toothpaste, cream, glue or gel from a tube Helps all-out extrusion of content in the container cleanly for use and keeping Can be used to different kinds of soft tube container w..
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Model: A2Z
100% Brand New! Never Used Before! No batteries required. To achieve one-touch automatic squeeze toothpaste Squeeze toothpaste with fix quantify every time(adjust the quantify according to toothbrush's pressing depth) Convenient for children, old people and the disabled The toothbrush holder ca..
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